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Alan's View: Manchester United and Tottenham's Objective for 2012-13

Tottenham Hotspur vs. Manchester United at 4pm on Sunday is the live game on Sky. United are in form and Wayne Rooney is back with something to prove after yet another awful penalty miss in midweek. Did you see Alex Ferguson’s face? They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Rooney has now failed to score about a third of the penalties he has taken for Manchester United. More evidence that the Ballon D’Or results are a fair reflection of the players being judged. Watch out for more signs of the red mist descending again if things do not go well for United. We have the incentive of doing the double over them for the first time in ages. (See Logan’s blog. As usual he has all the facts and figures). Sandro out injured but a raring to go Scott Parker is a strong replacement. Come on You Spurs.

Tottenham’s Objective for the Season

Wednesday, 17.1.2013.

Andre Villas-Boas was on Sky this morning saying that our objective for the end of the season is to finish 4th. Surely after what happened last year that should not be the case? We are in 4th now with a 3 point cushion. The league objective has to be 3rd; guaranteed Champions League qualification. 4th again, with Arsenal or Manchester United winning the Champions League would be a financial and emotional disaster. Was he really set that as an objective on signing? It would be a significant achievement, as it was for Harry, given where we started but an objective? No way.


Saturday, 19.1. 2013.

The sad news is that Sandro’s knee injury is serious and he will be out for the rest of the season. Best wishes go out to him. Let’s not make the old mistake of rushing him back before he really is fully fit. If it wasn’t obvious why I wrote in my first blog about the transfer window that we needed two quality midfield players as squad cover, I hope it is now.

Arsenal: this time it’s our turn….

It’s not long now until Arsenal come rolling over the hill again. The league position is even closer than last season at this stage. Let’s not blow it this time. We were in complete control of the last derby until Emmanuel Adebayor was sent off. The players need to remember that rather than what happened afterwards. Theo Walcott has just signed a new contract reputed to be for £100,000 a week. It looks like he talked them up from an initial offer of £80,000. If he stays fit, I think it will be good for him and good for Arsenal. Shame. Look out for them splashing out on a new striker now they know they don’t have to buy a replacement for him.

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