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Transfer Window January 2013 – First Thoughts on Tottenham Rumours

Happy New Year.

I love transfer window gossip and the build up to the deadline. As I start this blog on 1st January, first rumours are that Tottenham are in for Wilfred Zaha, the young wing wizard from Crystal Palace. We are not the only ones though. Great forward planning against the eventual departure of Gareth Bale. Just please don’t let him go for less than £50 million and at any rate, not to an English club. If he has to go, despite his long term contract, he will still be a bargain for whoever pays such a fee.

Another rumour according to Sky is Wesley Schneider from Inter Milan? A class act. A strong personality. That one could go either way. If we got him in, it could make our passage through to the final of the Europa League a bit easier. Like so many of the best, would he come to another team not in the Champions League? Will we continue to pay for slipping to 4th and Chelsea winning the Champions League last May?

I am pleased to hear these rumours of Tottenham targets. Andre Villas-Boas was quoted only yesterday as saying that he is satisfied with the squad. I hope he was being a tad disingenuous by not alerting other clubs to where we might be directing our attention.

Other Premier League Clubs

Watching other clubs’ efforts will be fun. Just watch Liverpool rush to sign a striker. It looks like it will be Daniel Sturridge. I hope for their sake, it’s not a panic buy because of their failure in the close season and the absolute dog’s breakfast they made of trying to get Clint Dempsey.

Arsene Wenger is under so much pressure from fans and the Press to buy another Van Persie and pay Walcott whatever he wants. I’m not sure the Arsenal board feel the same way, despite their continued public pronouncements that there is plenty of money available.

Harry Redknapp needs to perform another miracle. Who is going to want the QPR prima donna mercenary failures? Who is going to want to join them? I wouldn’t bet against him finding one or two with the guts, skill and a point to prove.

Alan Pardew is tearing his hair out over Demba Ba. Chelsea waving their wad under Falcao’s nose…Oh! Such fun and it’s only day one.

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