Joao Moutinho, the player Villas-Boas would like for his Tottenham Project

Villas-Boas on a trip to France to play a cool hand for Moutinho


For those of you wondering who the next star transfer over to White Hart Lane could be, look no further than Joao Moutinho, the Portugal midfielder turning heads across the world. One of those heads belongs to Andre Villas-Boas, who has taken the opportunity to watch Moutinho play in France against Paris Saint-Germain.

“It was a tiring trip, but good to see people that are important to me,” says Villas-Boas, indicating that while it probably is exhausting, given that he also states “whenever Porto are close to the place where I am, I go see them.” This time around, it was France, which means he’ll at least have had the Parisian sites and a nice French hotel with a bit of to keep him occupied. But you can imagine him travelling even further afield just to check out the team Moutinho is currently on.

Frustratingly, regulations state that Moutinho would not be able to play for Spurs in the next stage of this season’s Europa League, as he has already represented Porto in the Champions League. In addition, when negotiations broke down in August for the transfer from Porto to Tottenham, the relationship between the two clubs was very strained.

But the stakes are raised, for other teams in the Premiership, should Moutinho come aboard. Think of it as a game of poker: the pot is filling up, and it feels like Arsenal, Chelsea, and even Man City have got pairs of Kings, Queens and Aces. There’s not much to do but aim for a straight, and that straight happens to be playing for Portugal at the moment.

Similar to poker, it’s also a case of giving yourself the best possible environment in which to take the endgame, and this is why Villas-Boas is after Moutinho – he’s the key to the ongoing Spurs Problem, where everything ends in an unfavourable 2-1 and it never quite seems to work most of the time.

Spurs need to shock and awe, and come the next season/transfer window, chances are that the next time Villas-Boas visits France, he could be returning with Portugal’s midfield powerhouse. We can only hope!

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