Tom Huddlestone revealed players' anger at Wigan defeat

Tottenham Players Angry After League Defeat by Wigan Athletic


It’s good to know that the Tottenham players were angry after their defeat at White Hart Lane on Saturday. So often players are portrayed as well highly paid sportsmen who drive off in their expensive cars to their luxurious homes and on to the nearest nightclub without giving the afternoon’s result a second thought. Some Tottenham spectators had vented their frustrations by booing at half-time and on the final whistle. They had also aired their displeasure at Andre Villas-Boas’ decision to replace Jermain Defoe with Emmanuel Adebayor immediately after Wigan had grabbed the lead with over half an hour to play. The fans had been expecting a more positive substitution by the manager as Spurs tried to get back into the match. Defoe showed his displeasure at being taken off by heading straight to the dressing rooms rather than remaining on the bench with the rest of the players.

Happier days for Jermain Defoe who scored five against Wigan in 2009


Tom Huddlestone has revealed that the players were angry in the dressing room after the match. Annoyed at their performance as well as the result. Speaking to the Tottenham website, Tom Huddleston said,

“The lads were angry in there. We’ve seen teams drop points and we could have cemented fourth. At home, we fancy ourselves against anybody, we have for a while.”

It was a game that they, like the spectators, had expected Tottenham to win and strengthen their hold on fourth position in the league. They met a Wigan team, however, who were well organised with three central defenders and who succeeded in preventing Spurs play their normal game.

Tom Huddlestone expressed his disappointment at the team’s display,

“Wigan made it difficult for us. We just didn’t turn up. They defended well but equally, we’ve got to work harder to create options. Normally at home we’ll create three or four chances and stick one or two away, but I don’t think we created a half-decent effort on goal.”

With a number of important matches ahead, including the first north London derby of the season in a fortnight, hopefully this will galvanise the players in their effort to improve their all-round game which has been somewhat disappointing this season. Spurs are, currently, in a strong position but need to ensure they don’t make too many errors in coming weeks or they’ll drop off the pace being set buy the top three clubs.

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