Tottenham's New Stadium

Latest Picture of Tottenham's New Stadium

The latest picture of Tottenham’s proposed new stadium has been included in the plans released by Haringey Council for the regeneration of Tottenham. The new ground is part of Tottenham Hotspur’s Northumberland Development Project (NDP) which would also provide for new housing and the building of a Sainsbury’s supermarket in the immediate vicinity. The building work for the supermarket is due to commence soon and once that has been completed the construction work on the stadium will begin.

The picture shows the new stadium, which is as yet unnamed, viewed from White Hart Lane. The planned stadium would replace the club’s current White Hart Lane ground with a 56,000 capacity stadium to be completed by 2016.

The new housing which is to be provided can only be built after the demolition the current ground. Other regeneration work will also include improvements to the transport structure in the area with the development of the roads and upgrading of White Hart Lane Station and Tottenham Hale station.

The building of the new homes will not start until the current White Hart Lane stadium is demolished in 2016.

The new stadium is a vital component of Tottenham’s attempt to ensure the club is in a position to compete against the best clubs in England and Europe. Currently, Spurs’ White Hart Lane ground has the smallest capacities of the top club’s in the Premier League.

The Northumberland Development Project has taken a long time to come to fruition but gradually the final pieces appear to be going into place to ensure its completion within the next four years.

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