The Case For More Spurs Rotation

Rotation, it’s important for tires, baseball pitching staffs and this lovely little blue planet we call Earth. Sadly, it is not important or even in the vocabulary of Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp. What’s the point of boasting about our “deep” squad if you don’t ever use any players outside of the regular starting XI barring injury? I don’t have to explain to you why rotation is important. It is a fact that tired players don’t play as well and are more susceptible to injury than those who are fresh and rested. During these congested holiday fixtures Spurs made very few alterations to their line-up game to game while other clubs routinely made 3 or 4 per changes to keep legs and minds fresh. Yes, Tottenham did better than most clubs over these four matches going unbeaten collecting 8 points but at what cost? The squad looked tired against Swansea and West Brom and now Gallas and Sandro are injured after having played in all four matches. Below is a table presenting the number of league starts key Spurs players have made this year with their projected number of starts for this season followed up by their career high number of league starts.

Seven of the eight players on this list are in line to make or tie their marks for career high starts this season. The only player projected to be below his career high is Gareth Bale who will post a career high in Premier League starts once he passes 29 starts. Harry Redknapp has us going down an unsustainable path that will see our key players tired and injured in the latter stages of the season as he is asking way too much from all of them. It’s fine to ask one or two players to play more minutes than they ever have in a season but asking seven is way too much. If Harry does not utilize his bench more often Spurs may end up broken down and tired in the critical final months of the season. I’m not asking for three or four changes per game to be made from here on out that would be plain crazy. One or two smart changes each week are needed though in order to allow Spurs to be fresh and competitive as we traverse through the second half of this season in search of a top four finish.

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