Tottenham 1 - West Brom 0: Player Ratings

Spurs grinded out another win on a cold and mostly quiet night at White Hart Lane on Tuesday night. The lads looked slow and unfocused during the first half but still controlled the majority of possession while West Brom offered very little in attacking threat. Their objective was to get it to 0-0 or just 1-0 late in the match and then give it a go. It looked like a 0-0 draw was in the cards but in football it only takes one or two good passes for a goal to go into the back of the net. Just that happened with Van der Vart and Bale feeding Jermain Defoe on the game’s lone goal with two quick passes. Overall the line-up looked tired which stresses the importance of a little rotation over the next month which is something I will cover in great detail tomorrow so check back then. Now on to the ratings!

Friedel 6.5: Did not have much to do in the first half. As things picked up (a little) in the second he did well saving the only West Brom shot on target by Tchoyi.

Walker 6.5: Wasn’t called upon much defensively. Made a few nice passes in the first half but needs to work on his crossing it is his one glaring weakness.

Kaboul 7.5: Massive effort by the Frenchman as he showed great strength and pace when taking care of problems in the middle. For the third match in a row he was charging forward when given the opportunity.

Gallas 7: I thought he looked much better yesterday than he has in the last few matches. Cool, calm, and collected while covering well for others. Went off with a calf injury in the 68th minute. Given his calf problems this year I hope he isn’t out for too long.

BAE 7: may not be the most skilled or athletic player but he understands positioning well and put up a solid stat line of 2 tackles, 3 interceptions, and 5 clearances. Looked to have a bit more energy than his last few outings.

Van der Vaart 7.5: Another fine game for the deep dropping VdV. His passing was sublime and he put in another great defensive effort (with just one major slip-up) tracking back as needed.

Sandro 6: Was caught in possession a few times before going off with a leg injury.

Modric 6.5: Had his biggest impact in the first half keeping possession and moving the ball forward. In the second half I thought he was less involved and had little impact.

Bale 7.5: A very strong game even though there were periods with some drop off. He was fouled on 4 occasions drawing several yellow cards on those charged with marking him. Provided the assist on the Defoe goal.

Defoe 7 (MOTM): Worked hard and dropped into the right spaces. His shooting touch was off though but he did scor the games only goal on a great finish in traffic and based on that he gets my MOTM vote…sorry!

Adebayor 6: The offsides are really becoming a problem. How hard is it to stay BEHIND the defender? I think he is taking too much advice from JD!


Livermore 6: Works hard but doesn’t really offer much and isn’t the level of player we need on the bench given our ambition. Gave blood for his effort though gashing his mouth on the back of Kaboul’s head.

Bassong 6: Nothing to crow or complain about coming on for the injured Gallas.

Kranjcar 5: Did not do all that well and people were jumping on his case but to be honest he is not fit and was being played way out of position. Niko is by no means a defensive minded center mid and Harry probably should have shifted Bale to the center while bringing in the more defensively skilled Rose to play on the left.

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